Pharmaceutical Analysis Mcqs

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1. Tungsten lamp filament has required how much temperature ?


2. 2.How much range wavelength is transmit by silicate glass ?


3. 3. what is role of slit in uv-visible spectroscopy ?


4. 4. Which radiation source has electrode in its construction ?


5. 5. Which device is used to isolate the radiation of the desired wavelength from wavelength of the continuous spectra ?


6. 6. Diffraction grating is consists of a


7. 7.  The work of Entrance slit is?


8. 8. Collimator  is used for?


9. 9. Exit slit used for


10. 10. Which type of vapour is stored in Mercury lamp ?


11. Select the wavelength range corresponding to UV-visible region.


12. The types of transitions possible in UV-visible region for a compound with molecular formula C 2H 4O are


13. If the above compound was completely reduced, what will be the possible transitions it can undergo?


14. At alkaline pH, phenol loses one proton and exists as phenoxide anion as shown below. Select the correct statement regarding their absorption.


15. The λmax in α,β-unsaturated acids can be determined by


16. Which of the following spectroscopy techniques is associated with molecular emission?


17. The primary band in aromatic compounds are observed at


18. Beer Lambert’s law gives the relation between which of the following?


19. In which of the following ways, absorption is related to transmittance?


20. Which of the following is not a limitation of Beer Lambert’s law, which gives the relation between absorption, thickness, and concentration?


21. Beer’s law states that the intensity of light decreases with respect to ___________


22. Lambert’s law states that the intensity of light decreases with respect to __________