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What is SAS Programming Language?

SAS Programming is a language used for analytical use. It is used for a very long time. All major companies use SAS as their official language for analysis. It’s due to its features and edge points that SAS is a very preferred tool. It has a huge job market too. There are many reasons for which SAS is preferred over R programming language and Python. But it is also true that there are some limitations of SAS that are overcome by R and Python.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SAS

Below we will discuss the benefits of learning SAS Softwares and limitations of SAS in detail.

a. Advantages of SAS

Here are some of the advantages of SAS Programming Language:

1. Easy to learn

SAS syntax is very easy to learn. It can be learned easily by anyone without any programming skills. Coding is in the form of simple statements. It’s like instructing a machine what to do.

2. Ability to handle large database

SAS has a strong ability to handle large database very easily.

3. Easy to debug

SAS is a very comprehensible language. The process of debugging is easy. We can understand and correct the error that the log window clearly states

4. Tested algorithms

Developers thoroughly test and analyze the algorithm implemented in the SAS program. Every version of SAS is first tested in a controlled environment, before released. This is possible because SAS is a closed source language.

5. SAS Customer support

SAS belonging to an organization performs proper monitoring. It is like a complete organization. It has very spontaneous customer support. As SAS is a closed source tool, it can only be edited by the SAS organization. No external adulteration is possible. SAS customer support handles all the problems.

6. Data Security

Extending the above point, data in SAS is completely secured. We cannot extract, in case of office use without a license. Data security prevents it from manipulation. And this is the reason for its popularity in the corporate world. SAS is a primary tool for many big companies. Being a close source, the company’s data is confidential here. Only freelancers use R. It is open source, therefore, data security is not guaranteed. SAS is preferred professionally over any other language used for analysis.


SAS is one such language that has made statistical computing easier for non-programming users. It has an amazing Graphical User Interface (GUI). SAS user interface has various tools like graphs, plots, and a highly versatile library.

8. Nice Output

SAS has evolved over a long period of time. It has a nice formatted output, one which is easily comprehensible.

9. Huge Job Prospects

The fact why SAS is being used for a very long time in the industry is the huge job prospects. Professionals learn SAS as a prerequisite to enter the analytics industry. One who commands SAS can learn R and Python easily. It is the market leader in the analytics industry.