You are currently viewing Career Opportunities: Research Associate-Process R&D at Syngene International Ltd

Career Opportunities: Research Associate-Process R&D at Syngene International Ltd

Career Opportunities: Research Associate-Process R&D at Syngene International Ltd

Designation: Research Associate

Job Location: Bangalore

Department: Process R&D


About Syngene

Incorporated in 1993, Syngene International Ltd. is an innovation-focused global discovery, development and manufacturing organization providing integrated scientific services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutrition, animal health, consumer goods and specialty chemical industries around the world. Syngene’ s clientele includes world leaders such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Baxter, Amgen, GSK, Merck KGaA and Herbalife. Its innovative culture is driven by the passion of its 4240- strong team of scientists who work with clients from around the world to solve their scientific problems, improve R&D productivity, speed up time to market and lower the cost of innovation.


Job purpose

To work on process development and synthesis of organic compounds.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Involvement in preparing the cost sheets for new RFP’s
  • Performing experiments by focusing robust process, scale up studies, engineering studies etc. to ensure the process is robust enough to scale up
  • Noticing criticality of the experiments and provide valuable feedback to improve the process in-order to avoiding the batch failure
  • Optimizing the chemical processes in terms of safety, robustness, and reproducibility to synthesize the target APIs for tox/clinical studies on pilot plant scale followed by large/commercial scale
  • Planning the lab experiments as per the Gantt chart to meet the timeline for the projects
  • Preparing the weekly update and sharing to the project leader
  • Effectively utilize the available equipment’s such as jacketed reactor, parallel synthesized, HPLC and RC1 to generate documents and optimization of PRD process to scalable process.
  • Identifying the process related impurities and developing a robust process in-order to control the impurity or rejecting the impurity by purification method
  • Ensuring 100% compliance in cGMP, GDP and data integrity
  • Generating documents such as use test, solubility, halting time stability, stress experiments etc. for TTD and BMR preparations
  • Interacting with AD team MoA transfer for IPC, intermediate/Finished product and raw materials
  • Minimum number of experiments as per the organization requirements and generating data which should help to scale up of projects
  • Analyzing the regular in-process samples in analytical lab
  • Possess the knowledge and exposure to environment, health, and safety (EHS) practices
  • Follow environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements at all times in the workplace ensuring individual and lab/plant safety
  • Attend training on environment, health, and safety (EHS) measures imparted company


Educational Qualification:

M.Sc in Organic Chemistry



3-4 years post qualification relevant experience in Process Research and Scale up, preferably CRO background .


Technical/functional Skills:

  • Knowledge in literature search
  • Knowledge on TLC, Column Chromatography and Crystallizations
  • Understand the progress of the reaction and laboratory safety practices, Understand reaction mechanisms and Named reactions
  • He should be able to handle the shift operations independently
  • Experience of handling hazardous chemicals like NBL, DIBAL-H and corrosive reagents.
  • Hands on experience of handling of API equipment’s like, Reactor, Centrifuge, Vacuum tray drier and Hydrogentaor.
  • Having knowledge about handling of regulatory audits and customer audits


Behavioural Skills:

  • Should have the capability to work in a team and ability to handle demonstrate a good team spirit.
  • While possessing a good ability to follow instruction should also demonstrate innovative in his/her approach, good communication skills.
  • Should be proactive while working on allotted responsibility.




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